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  • Certified , Wall Covering Installers Association
  • Team Leader, White House Installation August 2010
  • Industry Partner: ASID & AIA
  • Liability & Workers’ Comp Insurance
  • Member: IOOF
  • Certified Weathered Stone Installation
  • Instructor, Maya Romanoff Wallcoverings
  • Member: Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce
  • Member: BNI


Like the many varied people we work for, each wall covering installation is unique. Just as fingerprints can differentiate the individual, so too can wallpaper put your style stamp on your home or office. The recent and continued exploration of wallpaper is all about personality. From neon color graphics, to women walking a Preying Mantis, to glass beads and woven textures, new wallpapers come to market constantly. Your installer must be trained, adaptable, sympathetic, flexible, and above all crafty. Your installer must view your home as their own. Your installer must be able to interpret your vision in a distant office, residence, apartment or condo. From Park Slope to Palm Springs, your installer must have the courage and foresight to understand the success of your installation is all about balance.

DecoRada has been installing wallpaper since 1991, and is Certified and recognized by the Wallcovering Installers Association. DecoRada is listed on Franklin Report and the Federal Government’s SAM data base. DecoRada continues to work for Designers’ and Architects, Contractors and Property Managers, alike, insuring that the built environment they envision is decorated precisely.

It was Sylvana Laferlita Gullo, Director of the Ronald McDonald House in 2005, who inspired the notion that a house without wallpaper is not a home. We have seen children respond to wallpaper and grow to be scientists. We have seen professionals working in their wallpapered home offices churn out productive and impressive results. We consistently see homeowners smile upon returning home to their wallpapered rooms.

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