Decorada Magic WallPaper Liner


Install and Remove Wallpaper Easily
No primer or adhesive needed
Single Roll is 27″ wide by 15′
Sold in Double rolls: 27″ wide by 30′ long @26.66
or Triple rolls only. 27″ wide by 45′ long @ $39.99.
For Contractors: 54″ wide by 75″ long.


27” wide by 30’ long

Single Roll $13.33 eachwallpaper-liner-btn

Double Roll $26.66 eachwallpaper-liner-btn

27” wide by 45’ long

Single Roll $13.33 eachwallpaper-liner-btn

Double Roll $39.99 eachwallpaper-liner-btn

54” wide by 75’ long

One 25 linear yard bolt $120.00 ($4.80 per linear yard)wallpaper-liner-btn

54” wide by 150’ long

One 50 linear yard bolt $240.00 ($4.80 per linear yard)wallpaper-liner-btn


Please read the instructions from start to finish. Do not apply any wallpaper primer to the wall. Do not apply any adhesive to the magic liner:

No special primer is required. Magic liner works on flat paint, egg shell finish and semi-gloss paint. Magic liner will not adhere to high gloss paint. If in doubt, put up a coat of Fresh start water base paint, AquaLok or 1-2-3 flat paint primer.

No adhesive is required. Cut lengths for wall height. Drop a chalk or level line. Prepare a bucket with warm water and a 7” or 9” roller. Roll the water all around the back of the sheet. Work in the resulting adhesive water mix – not too much and not too little. Let the liner “book” for five minutes. Should an area not stick, re-wet that area.

Butt seams real close but take caution not to overlap the seams. A very slight gap is better than a wired or overlapped seam. If necessary, you can sand the seams once the paper has dried thoroughly – about three hours with a fan. Overnight if no fan is available.

If your child has proclivity to art, install the magic liner, have them drawn their own wallpaper. You can easily remove their artwork when they go off to college.

After 24 hours dry time, you can install whatever wallpaper you like right over the Magic liner. Be sure to use whatever adhesive is recommended for your finish paper. Do not put any primer on the Magic liner.

When it is time to re-decorate, simply pull at a corner of the magic liner and strip the entire sheet off slowly.

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