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Professional Wallpaper Installation Training for Beginners

Learn How to Install Wallpaper From America’s Most Trusted Experts. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to install wallpaper then this is your opportunity. Wallpaper installation is a deeply satisfying and highly lucrative trade. What’s more, it’s a lot easier than you think (provided you learn from a seasoned expert).

Launch a career that is gratifying and rewarding at the same time.A career that challenges you to be your best every day.A career that seeks your independent thinking and contributions to each job. Learn from the  members of the Metro NY Chapter Wallpaper Installers Association.

What’s Involved in Wallpaper Hanging? 

  • Gettingthewallready. How to get the wall primed for hanging wallpaper
  • Removingwallpaper. What you need to know about removing wallpaper and why not all wallpaper is removed the same way
  • Pastes. Information about wallpaper pastes and which are the best to buy (you’ll also learn how to make your own pastes)
  • Tools. The 20 basic tools that every wallpapering professional needs in their arsenal
  • Hangingwallpaper. Methods for hanging wallpaper, smoothing it out Noah On Tour and avoiding bubbles
  • Cutting. How to trim, cut, and measure your wallpaper
  • Windows. Things you need to know when dealing with windows, doors, fixtures, and other objects
  • Patterns. The art of lining up patterns and seams
  • Walls. What you need to know about dealing with unusual surfaces such as drywall, plywood, and wood paneling
  • Linerpaper. Why you might want to use liner paper as well as how to use it
  • Repairs. Methods for repairing damaged wallpaper and making it look brand new
  • Examples. Real world wallpaper examples for you to learn from
  • Business. Tips for getting started in the wallpaper business. How to get clients quickly and break into this trade as fast as possible.

The members of the Metro NY Chapter Wallpaper Installers Association have years of experience and expertise and many of homework as independent business owners and can show you how to make Wallpaper Hanging a lucrative career.