Expert Wallpaper Hanging Services

Whether the White House, or your house, you deserve an expert installation. We offer a clean, quiet, refined and experienced expert wallpaper installation.

Free Site Evaluation

For your wallpaper installation the first order of business is ordering the wallpaper. In order to know preciously how much paper to order, we offer a free site evaluation for your project. This estimate is imperative to getting just the right amount of wallpaper, fabric or vinyl.

Expert Wall Preparation

We also offer expert wall preparation. Proper wall preparation might begin with removal of your existing wallpaper or sanding the wall surface with no dust transfer. Once we achieve a mirror smooth finish, we put up a coat of wall covering primer to seal the surface and assure a secure grip of the new wallpaper adhesive.
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Testing Your Wall Surface.

Oftentimes we will install blank stock liner paper. We use blank stock liner paper to create a uniform absorbent surface. We use blank stock liner paper to test your wall surface. If a seam pops on the blank stock it can be repaired. Not so easy with your delicate finish paper. We use blank stock liner paper to lock down seams. You want your installation to look good for years to come.

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